Arbis gallery


The gallery is conveniently located on the second floor by the café. Exhibitions in autumn vary, but in spring the gallery is generally reserved for Arbis’ own art courses. The exhibitions are changed every three weeks. If you want to exhibit your work, contact Hans-Peter Homstén by the end of April for exhibitions in the next working year. The gallery is run on a non-profit basis.

Exhibitions during autumn 2023

  • Kati makes eternity visible A memorial exhibition of Kati Bondestam’s art by Mårten, 28.8-15.9
  • Painting gives power Paintings by Gunn Gestrin, 18.9-7.10
  • Surrealist figures and filures By Gun Biström, 10.10-3.11
  • Paintings Artistic director Marina Ciglar-Tuominen, 7.11-25.11
  • From abstraction to figurative sculpture Artistic director Arsenij Mård, 28.11-15.12

Exhibitions during spring 2024

  • Oil and watercolor Artistic director Hans-Peter Holmstén, 9-26.1
  • Drawings and paintings Artistic directors Marina Zitting and Hanna Uggla, 29.1-16.2
  • Sculpture and Japanese Painting Artistic Director Keita Ioka, 26.2-16.3
  • Experimental Painting Artistic Director Diana Soria-Hernandez, 18.3-13.4

The contact person at Arbis gallery is Hans-Peter Holmstén, 09 310 494 73,

Our display cabinets primarily contain work from handicraft and art courses. If you have anything you wish to exhibit for others to see, please contact Beatrice Blomster, 09 310 494 78,