Basic Education for Adults

On this page, you can read more about who can study basic education for adults and how the studies are structured. In basic education for adults, you can complete either the entire basic education curriculum or specific subjects.

Who can participate in basic education for adults?

You can participate in basic education for adults from the autumn term of the year you turn 17. You can participate in basic education for adults if you have not finished your basic education and need a diploma. With a diploma, you can continue studying at a general upper secondary school or a vocational institution. If you are an adult immigrant in need of strengthening your skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and general knowledge of Finnish society, you can join the introductory stage.

What do the studies consist of?

During the academic year 2024–2025, we will primarily offer studies of the introductory stage. The introductory stage corresponds to grades 1–6 in basic education for children and youth.
The focus areas are:
• Improving Swedish language skills
• Seeking information
• Managing daily life and understanding Finnish society
• Enhancing general education

Practical information about the studies

Teaching takes place on weekdays during the day at Helsingfors arbis at Dagmarinkatu 3. The teaching is closely coordinated with integration education (SFI). The academic year 2024–2025 officially begins on 9 September, but all new students should be present on 2 September at 9:30 for an introductory week.

Curriculum for Swedish-language basic education for adults in Helsinki


You can apply for basic education for adults by sending an email to Lia Sirelius at
Please apply by 1 August 2024.
At the beginning of August, you will be invited for an interview. During the interview, we will, among other things, create an individual study plan for you, consisting of the courses you need to complete in order to achieve your study goals.

Are you unsure if this is the right education form for you or do you have any other questions? You can contact Nina Malaska by email at