Welcome to Arbis library

At Arbis library you can study, expand your knowledge or just relax. The library contains course literature and fiction in different languages, children’s books, non-fiction and easy reading as well as daily newspapers and magazines.

You do not need to take part in a course to borrow books. When you register as a new library user, you need to show proof of identity. The library does not use library cards. After registration you can borrow books by your name.

When the library is closed, you can return the loans to the janitor.

Books and magazines

You can search for books in the library in our web database. The library accepts procurement requests, preferably via email.

Search our books

The library has daily newspapers in Swedish, Helsingin Sanomat, and magazines covering handicrafts, history, food, exercise, music, languages and gardening.

Newspapers and magazines at Arbis library

Loan period

The normal loan period is three weeks at a time, except for new in-demand books, which have an initial loan period of 15 days. The loan period can be changed to four weeks or more if needed, especially towards the end of term. The latest issues of magazines are not available for loan. At the end of the spring term, you can borrow books over the summer. The end of the loan period in this case is the beginning of the autumn term.

Renewing loans

You can renew your loan as many times as you need, but if necessary, the library may ask to see the borrowed items. If the items are reserved by someone else, you cannot renew your loan and the items must be returned. Come to the library, send an email or call us when you want to renew a loan or make a reservation. The loans are personal, but the items may be lent to another person with permission from the library.

Late fees

You will receive a reminder by post or text message when your loan period is about to end. The library does not charge fees for late return, but if you have lost or damaged the items you have borrowed so that they are unusable, you will need to pay a EUR 12 fine. You can make the payment by card at the Arbis office. You can also replace the item with another similar copy.

Computers and printing for visitors

The library has two computers with standard software for visitor use. The library has two photocopiers/scanners connected to these computers. Printing/copying for personal use (A4 only) costs 40 cents per sheet. You can pay for printing by card at the Arbis office.

The library has three specialist collections

Finnish-Swedish crime novels

This collection includes new and older crime novels written by Finnish-Swedish authors. The collection is expanded regularly, and we accept suitable donations.

The Helsinki collection

This collection mostly comprises non-fiction books about Helsinki in Swedish. Here you can read about the history of your street, among other things.

The rainbow bookshelf

Arbis library was one of the first libraries in Swedish-speaking Finland with a rainbow bookshelf. The rainbow bookshelf is a showcase of our selection of LGBTIQ literature. Feel free to give us suggestions about books and magazines you think should be included on this bookshelf. Here you can find novels, biographies, children’s books, non-fiction and graphic novels with a rainbow theme.