Lectures and events

Always free and open to all

Open lectures, discussions (also in foreign languages!) and events for all ages and interests.

Take part in current, thought-provoking and inspirational phenomena and themes completely free of charge in Arbis’ lectures and discussions. They are open to all, and you do not need to register in advance, just turn up.

We invite various specialists and interesting guests and there is always time for questions from the audience. The lectures and discussions take place approximately every second Wednesday. If you would rather take part from the comfort of your own home, many of the lectures are also streamed on Arbis’ YouTube channel.

Arbis also organises various events for all ages. Throughout the study year, we will invite you to concerts and other events, also in cooperation with others. One of Arbis’ most popular events is Julvakan, the traditional preparation for Christmas where the whole family can take part in seasonal arts and crafts and workshops before Christmas (open workshops for a small fee).

We hope to see you there!