Courses and registration

Come along on a course!

Find all Arbis’ courses for the study year 2023–2024 at

The course catalogue can be collected from the city libraries and from Arbis.
The pdf version of the catalog 2023–2024 (in Swedish)

Course registration for the study year 2023-2024

You can register for the entire study year, both for courses starting in the autumn and for courses starting in the spring.

Registration on the online portal

  • 24/7 throughout the academic year

If you want to register a minor under the age of 18 via ilmonet, contact the Arbis office before registration begins and add the minor’s details to your ilmonet account. You can also register the minor by phone.

Registrations by phone on 09 320 494 94 or at Dagmarinkatu 3

  • according to the Abris office opening hours throughout the year.

The study year 2023–2024

Autumn term 4 September–9 December 2023 | Autumn break 16–21 October 2023 |
Spring term 8 January–13 April 2024 | Spring break 19–25 February 2024