Open university courses

Open university courses at Arbis are developed in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University. We offer complete educational sciences and course units in everything from humanities and social sciences to psychology and health sciences. The courses are held by the universities’ own lecturers and experts, and it is possible to register study points for all courses. Note that a course fee will need to be paid to both Arbis and the university that Arbis is holding the course together with.

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Contact person

Education Planner
Mathilda Larsson
Tel. 09 310 494 89 

Study guidance according to agreement and when a new unit of study is initiated.

General enquiries and exams  

Tel. 09 310 494 89
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The extent of the courses is counted in credits. Core studies comprise at least 25 credits and the intermediate studies at least 60. University exams are completed in two stages, where the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree comprises 180 credits and a master’s degree a further 120 credits.

During the study year 2022–2023, Helsingfors arbis will organise core studies in educational sciences (general and adult education), school psychology, art history, and philosophy in cooperation with the University of Helsinki (UH) and the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU).

Course requirements

The subject descriptions, course requirements and course literature for each subject are described on lmonet together with the course in question. You can also find all this information on the websites of the University of Helsinki and the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University.

Course literature

Arbis library is on the second floor. You can use the library to borrow course literature and study. The library tries to keep one or two copies of each piece of course literature. The loan period is one week. The loan may be renewed if nobody else has reserved the book. If the course literature is on loan or if Arbis library does not have a copy in its collection, we recommend that you use the University of Helsinki library or Helsinki City library. Printing costs 50 cents per page.

Remote loans

You can make a remote loan of course literature via Arbis library. Leave your order with the library in good time before you need the literature.

The fee for remote loans is EUR 10 per book. Contact the library for more information about remote loans.

Contact details and information about Arbis library 

Registration and fees to the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University

If you are taking part in Åbo Akademi University’s instruction at Arbis, you will register during the first lesson with a form that you receive from Arbis. Registration to the University of Helsinki is done electronically. When you have registered for a course at Arbis, via Ilmonet or our office, you will receive a link to register with the University of Helsinki.

You will pay course fees to Arbis and study fees to the university or college holding the course. The study fees vary depending on the university and unit of study. Participants who are enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Åbo Akademi University during the study year 2022–2023 will not pay a study fee. They will only pay an application fee to take part in open university courses at Åbo Akademi University.

Both the Arbis course fee and the study fee of the university or college must be paid to take part in a course and have the study results registered at the open university.

You will be given more information during the first lesson of each course.


On demand, the universities will provide a certificate for any exams you have passed.
You can find more information on the universities’ web sites.

The University of Helsinki
Åbo Akademi University

Academic exams

Some courses are graded by homework and some by literature exams. The teacher will give you more information during the first lesson and you can always ask the open university staff at Arbis.

General literature exams are arranged at Arbis two or three times a term. You can take an exam on three consecutive times after a completed course.

Register with Arbis office at least two weeks before the exam. The exam fee for extra exams and external candidates is EUR 30 per exam. In certain cases, an additional fee of EUR 45 may be applicable. At the exam, you need to provide an ID card issued by a Finnish police authority.