About Arbis

This is Helsingfors arbis, the city’s Swedish-language adult education centre  

Arbis is run by the City of Helsinki and is the largest Swedish-speaking adult education centre in Finland. 

Every year we organise over 700 courses of different length in a wide range of subjects from practical short courses to theoretical open university subjects. Some courses only last a weekend and others take a whole year. We also organise open lectures with group discussions, sing-along evenings and more. 

During the last few years, over 6,000 people have registered for courses with Arbis and, with people who take more than one course, the number of course participants is about 15,000 per year. The age range of participants vary between 0 and 90+. If you want to learn something new and exciting and meet new friends, take a look at what we have to offer on ilmonet.fi.

Our vision
One arbis for everyone 

Our values 
We prioritise our course participants and value knowledge for its own sake. We believe in flexibility, open-mindedness and diversity, ecologically, economically and socially sustainable development, and using the Swedish language correctly in a real-world environment. 

Our mission 
Helsingfors arbis is an open and inclusive Swedish-speaking space that gives people the chance to gain new knowledge and skills and a chance to integrate in Swedish. Arbis offers experiences and a community to promote the Finnish-Swedish culture and the Swedish language.